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Fri Dec 16 02:12:30 PST 2011

COMPRESSMODE_FULL flag then there is no reason to keep the code that 
depend on that, unless the svstream acquires the flag from the stream 
itself or that it's set by calling the set function with a "magic 
number" instead of the #define.

> > check:
> >  /core/tools/source/generic/gen.cxx
> >  /core/tools/source/generic/color.cxx
> >  /core/tools/source/generic/poly.cxx
> >
> Heh. Hard to tell - that is used for reading our pesky
> StarViewMetafiles, I have *no* idea whether we ever wrote those out
> with that compression mode. If we take that out, we'd need to catch
> the case somewhere in vcl/source/gdi/gdimtf.cxx and generate a very
> noisy warning.

So, the "best" approach would be:
* introducing a warning in the if (mode==COMPRESSMODE_FULL) cases (I 
don't know anything about debug functions, any suggestion for the 
preferred function to call?)
* leave the handling code untouched
* eventually, just remove the write functionality (safe only if the 
old StarViewMetafiles can not be written anymore)
* keep note of future chance to remove the whole feature

I'll try to get some more information about when this feature is 
enabled, anyway.


> >  /binfilter/binfilter/bf_svx/source/xoutdev/svx__xpoly.cxx
> > 
> Wouldn't touch that - binfilter is destined to die for 4.0
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

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