[Libreoffice] What do we want from extensions module?

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Sat Dec 17 17:39:09 PST 2011

On 14/12/11 23:28, Peter Foley wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Dec 2011, Michael Stahl wrote:

>> result of that is in feature/gbuild_extensions branch; ~6 libraries
>> already converted.
> I've actually already converted extensions to gbuild. I'm attaching my 
> current patch which should be essentially complete, however it probably 
> won't build on mac. 

hi Peter,

that is really great work!

i have just finished reviewing the whole thing...
because the huge size of the patch made it difficult to review, i've
split it up into smaller parts that each convert a library.
then i've committed each patch and in some cases made some small changes
(only tested on linux, hope i haven't broken more than i fixed).

the result is now pushed to feature/gbuild_extensions branch.

some things that i found especially puzzling or noteworthy:

- this is probably wrong and i wonder what is broken here:
  cui/source/dialogs/winpluginlib.cxx: #define MOZ_PLUGIN_DLL_NAME

- there are some horrid objects from solver linked in nsplugin

- Library_pl does some weird linking of frameworks:
  i wonder why that does not use -framework

  $(eval $(call gb_Library_set_include,pl,\
	$$(INCLUDE) \
	-I$(FRAMEWORKSHOME)/ApplicationServices.framework/Version/Current/Frameworks/QD.framework/Headers \
	-I$(FRAMEWORKSHOME)/Carbon.framework/Versions/Current/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/Current/Headers \

- the spotlight plugin:
  no idea if that will actually work;
  i really hope we use the system zlib always on MacOS X, because
  the old makefile had this horrible thing in it:

# we have to change the zlib install name, otherwise the plugin will not
    .IF "$(SYSTEM_ZLIB)"=="NO"
    install_name_tool -change @executable_path/libz.1.dylib

- various AllLangResTargets used add_templates, which is propbably
  unnecessary, because (unless i'm too stupid to use grep) it is only
  for when the old makefile used LOCALIZE_ME, and these didn't

- there is some modification to gbuild core to build 64bit stuff
  with MSVC; i have no idea whether that is the right way as i don't
  know anything about MSVC; this really must be reviewed by somebody
  who does...

- i have not moved hidother.src, i have no idea what it does; it is
  referenced from toolkit/src2xml/src.lst and i have no idea what isthat

again, thanks a lot Peter for tackling this giant hairball :)

please somebody let some mac and windows tinderboxes loose on this branch :)


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