[Libreoffice] [PATCH] fdo#42286, do not shrink the selected area (2)

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Sun Dec 18 09:17:51 PST 2011

Hi Eicke,

>> The second one:
>> 0001-fdo42286-extend-down-but-also-shrink-if-cells-are-em.patch
> For consistency it makes sense to also shrink the area, as
> re-initializing the filter area with only one cell or one row selected
> erroneously included. Please go ahead with this one.


> Please check that a defined data base range did not change behavior with
> your previous changes.
I have look at the code where GetDataArea is called. The only places 
where a behaviour change could happen are in function GetDBData ( 
sc/source/ui/docshell/docsh5.cxx )
if bOnlyDown is true. In this case, the area will be shrink - if needed 
-  only for the number of rows. Before, all 4 sides (top, right, left 
and bottom) could be shrink. But this change exists only if we shrink. 
For expanding, the behaviour was already ensured as described (bOnlyDown 
= true would have expanded only down, not the other directions).

This now makes the behaviour symmetric between shrinking / expanding the 
area. Based on flags and description, the former behaviour was buggy, 
but maybe something has been build depending of it. Despite knowing what 
is changed, I was not able to produce a way of using it that seemed to 
be problematic. I see you have worked on this function, maybe something 
will strike you immediately :- ).

So here the patch. If no one object, I will push it during my Christmas 

Best regards

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