[Libreoffice] calc: Re: com.sun.star.container.XNameContainer.removeByName() fails v3.5b0+ (linux)

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Dec 19 10:26:21 PST 2011

hi Tomas,

you are much more likely to get a reply for this kind of bug on the dev

On 19/12/11 16:32, Tomas Hlavaty wrote:
> Hi all,
> something has changed recently and it is not possible to remove sheets
> via uno calls anymore.  It used to work with v3.4.4 but fails with
> v3.5b0 and v3.5b1.
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1) Create a new spreadsheet via uno
> 2) While trying to remove the second sheet
>    com.sun.star.container.XNameContainer.removeByName("Sheet2") via uno
>    fails (on an instance of com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheets)
> v3.5b0 at least indicates an exception:
>    type: com.sun.star.uno:runtime-exception
> message: C++ code threw St12out_of_range: vector::_M_range_check
> context: NULL
> v3.5b1 simply disconnects leaving me with a broken pipe.

sounds like a bug to me. guess you should file it in bugzilla and set
the "regression" keyword.

> I don't have an easy to run test case at the moment:-( Any pointers to a
> simple existing code that does something similar and is easy to set up
> so that I can modify it to document this bug with a running code?

in sc you should find some new C++ unit tests and old Java unit tests
(in qa/complex).

> What are the git tags for v3.4.4, v3.5b0 and v3.5b1?

i guess 3.4.4 is this: libreoffice-

3.5 tags:

beta0:  libreoffice-
beta1:  libreoffice-

yes, really :)

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