Matteo Casalin matteo.casalin at poste.it
Thu Dec 22 14:32:41 PST 2011

Hi Thorsten,
     just and after-thought: some of the cleaned-up I/Os regard 
variables of type "long" (Pair, Rectangle...). I was afraid this could 
be platform dependent, but it seems that SvStream casts them to int 
"if(SAL_TYPES_SIZEOFLONG != 4)". The question then becomes: do that data 
really need to be of type long? Rectangle, for example, are widely used, 
and type long doubles their size in 64-bit machines.

On 12/19/2011 10:01 PM, Thorsten Behrens wrote:
> Matteo Casalin wrote:
>> Here are the patches for *completely* removing COMPRESSMODE_FULL
>> support.
> Applied as-is, good work - and the identical commit msg are a
> feature, not a bug. Good riddance hand-rolled compression code.
> :)
> What are you up for next?

I plan to fix some issues I noticed in ValueSet handling (color 
selection in option dialog). I also would like to reduce memory 
footprint of that code (e.g. ValueSetItem: use a union instead of 
allocating multiple data types which are handled in a mutually exclusive 
way. I think that a template with specializations would be overkill in 
this case, but any suggestion regarding this is really welcome: maybe 
unions are not appreciated).


> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten
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