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plino pedlino at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 03:10:47 PST 2011

If I may contribute with my 2cents why not use the best ideas already on the

The perfect installer IMHO should start with a simple box to select the
language used by the installer itself (where the detected locale is

An example is the first screen for the FLOSS Abiword


This variable (user confirmed) can be used from this step forward in the
installer dialogs and inclusively to select the language of the GNU
agreement and obviously for selecting the GUI and dictionaries to be

But better yet on the next step use the best solution already provided also
by Abiword

The components are selected according to the type of install but the user
can see what is selected and add/remove any component on the same screen
(please notice that all the text in this installation step is already
displayed in the language selected on the first step, I just switched to
English for this example)


Finally the cherry on the top of the cake:  in addition to the included
dictionaries (English is included as default but others can probably be
added) you have an option to download other dictionaries during installation
(although you can also add them on the fly at any time after installation)


I think this is the best installer possible.
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