[Libreoffice] over-long extensions manager list ...

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Wed Feb 2 03:31:24 PST 2011

On 02/02/11 11:22, Jesús Corrius wrote:
>> Finally the cherry on the top of the cake:  in addition to the included
>> > dictionaries (English is included as default but others can probably be
>> > added) you have an option to download other dictionaries during installation
>> > (although you can also add them on the fly at any time after installation)
>> >
>> > http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/file/n2404563/dictionaries.png
>> >
>> > I think this is the best installer possible.
> LibreOffice is distributed in a CD-ROM in places where is no internet
> connection (yes, they still exist) so it's good if the diccionaries
> are not downloaded but are bundled in the installer.
Bit more work, but can we provide two installers?

Installer (a) is a tiny download that then pulls everything it needs
from the net.

Installer (b) is a kitchen sink installer that contains everything.

I've built a couple of SuSE systems recently, and they use that
principle - a net install CD that's a couple of hundred meg, or an
offline install that's a full 4.7Gb DVD.

That way we satisfy both camps, and also nobody gets any nasty surprises
- as always it's the principle of least shock...


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