[Libreoffice] Should the Thesaurus/mythes use a precomputed index (installer file size)

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Wed Feb 2 04:30:09 PST 2011

> No chance it's used to support writing some of the binary file formats
> out uniformly across different endians?

Nope. OOo/LibreOffice has its own stuff for all such things, since very long times. The configure script is a relatively late addition to OOo/LibreOffice.

Anyway, I noticed that SIZEOF_LONG and WORDS_BIGENDIAN are checked in set_soenv.in to for some rare platforms (MIPS, PowerPC, S390x), so I will not remove them from configure.in. I will just bypass the failing tests on Windows, and hardcode the correct values (even if not needed as such on Windows).


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