[Libreoffice] Recording changes: Deleted lines 'misbehaving'.

Andy Hearn cuvierster at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 00:20:17 PST 2011

"... with recorded changes on MSWord shows ..." should be read as " ... with
recorded changes, previously *made* on MSWord, shows ..." to resolve any


On Feb 2, 2011 10:59 PM, "Andy Hearn" <cuvierster at gmail.com> wrote:


Here's another issue affecting collaborative authors.

(FWIW:  I'm on master branch, pulled today, around 1900GMT)

SW:  when an author deletes an existing body of text whilst 'Record Changes'
is running,  the strike-through'ed text soon disintegrates, leaving swathes
of meaningless long lines.   And, if the deleted sentence continues to an
end of a paragraph, the entire text plus strike-through disappears, leaving
a small vertical bar at the LHS as the remaining indicator.


1.  New odt.  Fill a page of text, say four or five paragraphs.
2.  Start recording changes (enable 'Show' changes too).
3.  Delete, I use highlight + del key, a number of words, sentences, and at
least the last sentence of a paragraph.
4.  Watch the strike-throughs while hovering mouse cursor over them - the
bubble 'erases' text.   Sometimes the text disappear on their 'own accord'
after a while.
5.  Hit Ctrl-S.  Some strike-thoughs disappear completely.

Also, loading a .doc with recorded changes on MSWord shows same behaviour
for deleted text.  Inserted text appear to be unaffected.

This behaviour cannot be replicated on OOo, nor MSWord.

Is anyone already aware of this, or is working on/with Recording Changes?
If not, then I want to dive in.

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