[Libreoffice] LibreOffice default UI font need to be changed

Samphan Raruenrom samphan at osdev.co.th
Thu Feb 3 23:54:11 PST 2011

Look at

> <prop oor:name="UI_SANS" oor:type="xs:string" oor:op="replace">
>   <value>Andale Sans UI;Arial Unicode MS;Lucida Sans Unicode;Tahoma;DejaVu
> Sans;Albany AMT;Albany;Arial;Nimbus Sans L;Interface
> User;WarpSans;Geneva;Tahoma;MS Sans
> Serif;Helv;Dialog;Lucida;Helvetica;Charcoal;Chicago;Helmet;Interface
> System;Sans Serif</value>
> </prop>

You can see that the first-priority default UI font of every LibreOffice
applications are, "Andale Sans UI". However, "Andale Sans UI" is not
available on all system. I guess "Andale Sans UI" will be installed with
StarOffice. So it's not logical to be used as the first-priority default UI

Look at

> if ( ! aUserInterfaceFont.Len() )
> {
>     String aFallbackFont (RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM( "Andale Sans UI" ));
>     if ( mpWindowImpl->mpFrameData->mpFontList->FindFontFamily(
> aFallbackFont ) )
>     aUserInterfaceFont = aFallbackFont;
> }

The font also is used as the last-resort fallback font. I suggest we
reconsider the use of this font and create a better font list that works
more cross-platform and cross-locale.

As a side-effect, this would help us fix a Thai locale-sensitive bug :

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