[Libreoffice] Difficulty building VCL on win32

Keith Stribley devel at thanlwinsoft.org
Fri Feb 4 00:07:34 PST 2011

Hi Steven,

On ၂၀၁၁ ဖေ ၀၄ သောကြာ နံနက် 02:54, Steven Butler wrote:
> I was unable to build VCL because of an error with Graphite.  I
> couldn't see any way to disable graphite in the configure script so I
> ended up hard-coding an #undef ENABLE_GRAPHITE into the files that
> failed.

Have you tried "--enable-graphite=no"? That ought to work.

> Here's the errors I get (same error from winlayout.cxx too).  Anyone
> know what's wrong with my build that causes this?
> Compiling: vcl/win/source/gdi/salgdi3.cxx
> C:/cygwin/home/Steve/libre/libo/solver/330/wntmsci12.pro/inc\graphite/WinFont.h(32)
> : error C2386: 'stdext' : a symbol with this name already exists in
> the current scope
> C:/cygwin/home/Steve/libre/libo/solver/330/wntmsci12.pro/inc\graphite/WinFont.h(215)
> : error C2039: 'hash_map' : is not a member of 'stdext'
> ...
> dmake:  Error code 2, while making '../../../wntmsci12.pro/slo/salgdi3.obj'

Normally libo will be built with stlport on windows which has hash_map 
in the std (_STLP_STD ) namespace rather than stdext. The windows stl 
library has hash_map in stdext. If _STLPORT_VERSION is defined, then 
stdext should be aliased automatically to the stlport version using the 
graphite-2.3.1.patch in WinFont.h:
namespace stdext = _STLP_STD;

I'm not sure why the logic is breaking for you, but perhaps this will 
give you some clues.


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