[Libreoffice] [PATCH] rm double line spacing/dead code/empty comments, transl. comm. German->English

Christina Roßmanith ChrRossmanith at web.de
Fri Feb 4 11:50:40 PST 2011


if the ordering of several bf_svx/ includes is unimportant even more 
blank lines can be removed (first reorder #includes and then group 
similar #includes without spacing, hope it is clear what I mean...). Or 
should I just try to build after reordering? I'll take this file from 
the list if this question as answered.

This file contains some comments of the type

// #\d{6}# text


// #012345# this is need to be able to blah...

I'm not sure if only the number tag is unimportant or the text isn't 
needed anymore as well.

The commit message is somewhat cryptic because of the 79 characters limit.


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