[Libreoffice] [libreoffice-l10n] A possible future for LO help/lang packs?

Andre Schnabel Andre.Schnabel at gmx.net
Mon Feb 7 04:12:06 PST 2011


> Von: Martin Srebotnjak <miles at filmsi.net>
> An: l10n at libreoffice.org

> just thinking loud (hope it is not too loud): is it possible to* make 
> help packs into extensions* (oxt files)? 

I tried this briefly for one of the LibO beta versions. In theory
the mechanism is there but in reality I ended up with a mix of
English and German help. Maybe this could be fixed, but the no-go
for me was that the activation of the extension took about half an hour
(on a Windows7 DualCore AMD PC).

> The drawbacks:
> - the extension framework maybe needs to be extended a bit to support help

It does already, but currently it builds index files on installing /
activating the extension what takes a lot of time. I have no idea
if we could "prebuild" the index and put this into the extension.



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