[Libreoffice] Fw: [PATCH] Removed unused functions and classes from calc 3last

Alfonso Eusebio alfonso_eusebio at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 02:59:39 PST 2011


Could somebody advise if the patch below is acceptable or if I should change it 

If it can't be committed for some reason, please let me know so that I can focus 
on some other area.

Thanks & regards,

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Subject: [PATCH] Removed unused functions and classes from calc 3last


Please find attached a new patch that removes several unused functions and 
classes from calc.
Both functions and classes have been found through the call-catcher list.

Please notice that this patch removes three entire classes: 
ScSummableCompressedArray, ScVbaCharts and ScVbaSeriesCollection.
For the last two classes the corresponding .cxx and .hxx files have been 

This patch has been rebased with origin/master and compiled before submission.

On a related note:
Several of the unused functions identified by call-catcher live in the addin 
"module" within calc (calc/sc/addin). These functions seem to be called 
indirectly by the function add-in mechanism.
I have not removed these functions, however, it seems that this "addin" module 
is obsolete now, with the scaddins (calc/scaddins) module replacing it (?).
In any case, if somebody can confirm that the "addin" module can be removed, I 
could work on it.


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