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Martin Srebotnjak miles at filmsi.net
Tue Feb 8 15:13:56 PST 2011


just for the sake of this discussion, how big is the MSO installation for OS
X? Maybe someone can check, I am not using it.

If LO dmg will grow to 350Mb or 400Mb (with help in all languages) probably
that is still not so bad compared to the full dmg of MSO.

I understand not everyone has fast internet access and some people voice
their concern about it but is there really a difference between 150Mb and
250Mb dmg? Do/can people in countries with very slow internet access really
buy MacPros, MacBook Pros, iMacs etc.?

I mean, probably even 150Mb is too much for those using very slow internet
access, they would need an app in the range of 10-50Mb and not 200Mb.

In that case LO should do something about the hard-copy distribution of LO -
DVD's with LO should be available from local shops in those countries with
lower-band internet, I guess. This project could lead the way:

I just hope other languages don't get forgotten (as they got with the
Portable LibreOffice which TDF members now claim TDF has nothing to do with
it although it is hosting its files).

Lp, m.
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