[Libreoffice] Breaking in sw: error: expected template-name before '<' token

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Feb 8 22:42:23 PST 2011

Hi David,

On Mon, 2011-02-07 at 15:06 -0800, David Dumaresq wrote:
> I'm getting, first, warnings about declarations that have been previously defined.  
> 	"warning: this is the location of the previous definition" 

	That is fairly normal :-)

> and finally a number of errors about a operators missing. Following is the complete output.

	This looks like it may be a side-effect of Fridrich's hash re-work; can
you update to the latest version (g pull -r) and try again ? this has
been in flux the last day or two. Failing that - we need to dig into the
OSX tinderbox output to see if others have this

> Please let me know if this list (LibreOffice) prefers attachments to adding
> trace messages in-line.

	Best to cut the trace down so it is smaller IMHO, but here is fine :-)

> Compiling: sw/source/core/unocore/unocrsrhelper.cxx
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:76: error: expected template-name before '<' token
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:76: error: expected `{' before '<' token
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:76: error: expected unqualified-id before '<' token
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:84: error: invalid use of undefined type 'struct comphelper::SequenceAsHashMapBase'
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:76: error: forward declaration of 'struct comphelper::SequenceAsHashMapBase'
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx: In member function 'TValueType comphelper::SequenceAsHashMap::getUnpackedValueOrDefault(const rtl::OUString&, const TValueType&) const':
> /Users/dfdumaresq/git/libo/solver/330/unxmacxi.pro/inc/comphelper/sequenceashashmap.hxx:281: error: 'const_iterator' was not declared in this scope

	Fridrich ?



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