[Libreoffice] Ported unopkg man page

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Feb 10 05:24:15 PST 2011

Hi Philipp,

On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 14:11 +0100, Philipp Weissenbacher wrote:
> I've ported unopkg.man to LibreOffice.

	Great :-)

> As I couldn't find unopkg with LibO 3.3 I couldn't test the options in 
> the man page.

	Oh ? I have:


	which is not in the system path; perhaps that is some distribution
specific thing (Rene ?).

> One thing that seems wrong is that both --shared --force state -f as a 
> shortcut.

	So; since we have deprecated the 'build' module, that had a 'man'
directory, and moved to bootstrap; we should probably add a module
'man/' to bootstrap, and install the man-pages on 'make install' out of
the toplevel makefile.

	Any chance you could take a look at doing that piece too ? I guess it
will require checking out bootstrap/ adding the original (and improved)
man pages, committing them, and sending a git format-patch output here ?

	That is unless I missed something here ? [ and/or unless we want to use
the scp2 heavy-lifting to ensure the man pages are included in the
generic builds too for Unix - in which case you'll need to add them to
sysui/ somewhere, and add scp2/ to install them ].

	Rene - any thoughts ?


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