[Libreoffice] Deleting some commented out code

L P luke.petrolekas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 20:55:23 PST 2011


I'm a CS student at the University of Toronto, Canada. I managed to build
LibreOffice this evening, with the intent of helping LibreOffice where I
can! Unfortunately I'm a bit new to C++ so I can't do the awesome stuff that
you guys do, but I'm learning quite quickly.

The patchfile I've attached deletes 3 lines of commented out code (bad!) as
per your "Easy Hacks" page. I know this is trivial in the scope of things,
but it's the first time I wanted to contribute to a project that's quite big
in scope, so please consider this a trial balloon to make I'm sure that I'm
doing this right and helping -- and not hindering -- the project.

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