[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Re: [PATCH] Remove obsolete Hyperlink Bar - final patches

Alfonso Eusebio alfonso_eusebio at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 12 01:41:07 PST 2011

Thanks Jan!

I only performed functional tests, i.e. re-built all modules, dev-installed and 
checked that all apps were opening properly and not providing the option to 
enable the bar.
At the same time I checked that the Insert Hyperlink dialogue (open from the 
icon in the standard bar) was opening fine.

Is there anything that could be done about the help text that still talks about 
the Hyperlink Bar?
I'll be happy to give it a try, but I guess we need somebody with copywriter 
skills as it is a change of help text.

Thanks again and regards,

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Hi Alfonso,

On 2011-02-10 at 08:38 +0000, Alfonso Eusebio wrote:

> Please find attached a set of patches that remove the Hyperlink Bar from the 
> core modules. 

Thank you!  Pushed :-)  Unfortunately I was unable to test the
installation, as the unit tests are failing for me (not your fault, even
without your patches), but the patches look right, so no reason to hold
them back :-)



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