[Libreoffice] cui pre-compiled headers

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Sat Feb 12 10:32:41 PST 2011

While removing some extra references to bootstrp/sstring.hxx, I noticed that the precompiled_cui.hxx file is just one big #if 0 ... #endif statement.

I see two ways of fixing this:

1) Remove the #if 0 and see what breaks and then look at removing extra #include from the other files.

2) Remove the #include "precompiled_cui.hxx" from all the other source files.

I'm more of the option of doing option #2 since it requires the least amount of work (only about 60 files include the header) and we haven't been using the precompiled header  anyways.

I just wanted to put this up to a vote before just ripping out the file.

Joe P.

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