[Libreoffice] l10n of patches

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 11:37:17 PST 2011


There are still a few patches in build/patches/dev300 which contain
localizable text. When we move to new l10n framework on master this will
become a problem, because we would like to get rid of lo-build.sdf/po
hack. Please decide if these patches should be integrated or deleted.
Otherwise it will be hard to localize the strings in them.

document-password-change-sfx2.diff kohei
helpcontent-scalc-01.diff kohei
impressmedia-features.diff thorsten
min-password-length-helpcontent2.diff kohei, timar
novell-subscription.diff jholesov
ok-cancel-btn-add-accel.diff kohei
optional-outplace-ole.diff thorsten
sfx2-template-category-labels.diff pmladek
writer-doc-comparison-help.diff (commented out) tzvetelina

Many thanks,

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