[Libreoffice] Please help us fix this Writer autocorrect bug

Samphan Raruenrom samphan at osdev.co.th
Tue Feb 15 21:09:12 PST 2011

I'm going to work on this bug. Anyone have any idea about the 
problematic auto-style T1 in the bug report?

Bug 33092 -- Autocomplete display double character for this word [CTL / 
> Step to reproduced:
> 1.Open a blank Writer document.
> 2.Switch keyboard to Thai.
> 3.Type text "มิถุ" by press ",b5".
> 4.The function autocomplete will display the full word.
> Expect result:
> This function should display the text as "มิถุนายน".
> Real result:
> It displays the text with the second character doubled and overlapped.
> (See the pictures)
> bugdoc
> This problem occurs when some text is splitted into 2 runs. if a non-spacing
> vowel mark (e.g. ุ) is placed at the first character of the second run, the
> text
> will be displayed overlap. But the problem will occur in the first (regarding
> position in the document) autocompleted word in a document. I've pasted 2
> snipplets of content.xml to show examples:-
> A: Western autocomplete case:
> <text:p text:style-name="Standard">January</text:p><text:p
> text:style-name="Standard">february</text:p>
> B1: Thai autocomplete case with overlapped text:
> <text:p text:style-name="Standard">มิถ<text:span text:style-name="T1">
> ุนายน</text:span></text:p><text:p text:style-name="Standard"><text:span
> text:style-name="T1">มิถุนายน</text:span></text:p>
> B2: Thai autocomplete case without problem:
> <text:p text:style-name="Standard">กรก<text:span text:style-name="T1">
> ฎาคม</text:span></text:p><text:p text:style-name="Standard"><text:span
> text:style-name="T1">สิงหาคม</text:span></text:p>
> You will see that, in case B1 and B2, the first autocompleted word (e.g.
> "มิถุนายน") is splitted before the vowel mark (ุ). But in the second
> autocompleted
> word (e.g. "มิถุนายน"), the entire autocompleted word is placed in the
> text:span
> element. OOo seems not to be able to display non-spacing mark at the begining
> of
> a text run so that's why the text is displayed overlapped.
> Note that the splitted autocompleted word always happend if you insert the word
> before any other autocompleted word. That is, it happend only for the first
> occurance of such autocompleted words.

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