[Libreoffice] LibreOffice is free of STLport

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Wed Feb 16 02:57:18 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 10:15 +0000, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 09:28 +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:
> > 	Anyhow - overall a positive move no doubt.
> The biggest win, for me anyway, is that the beginning-to-become unwieldy
> "magic header to mix stlport c++ and system c++ libraries" hack goes
> away

*slaps head*. And of course this also means that (for gcc > 4.5.X) that
the strict-aliasing unsafe stlport headers are gone, so Linux x86 gets
the same strict-aliasing extra optimization that x86_64 gets.


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