[Libreoffice] libreoffice wiki account creation ...

Florian Effenberger florian at effenberger.org
Thu Feb 17 05:44:34 PST 2011

Sorry for confusion. Yes, I enabled it again, as Sophie returned from vacation and asked for it. ;)

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Betreff: Re: libreoffice wiki account creation ...
Von: Manuel Schneider <manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch>
Datum: 17.02.2011 13:23

Hi Michael,

On 17.02.2011 13:09, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Unfortunately, a key part of our new developer flow - of picking an
> claiming an Easy Hack is therefore not working, and/or requires a
> painful round-trip to a real person to ask for an account. We can't
> really afford to be putting off new developers with that.

my last status is that Florian has enabled user account registration 


Manuel Schneider

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