[Libreoffice] EasyHack: Improved bug filing form / flow

Daniel Neel dneelyep at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 19:33:40 PST 2011

> Improved bug filing form / flow

*Background:* We have a lot of very poor quality bugs. Worse, our bug
> reporting interface is pretty terrible - ie. bugzilla. It would be wonderful
> to have a more easy-to-use, and attractive flow, that guided people to
> provide - all the information we need, so that we get good quality bugs. I
> would suggest a flow that says: "is this bug specific to a given document ?"
> [yes/no] - if so, "can you attach the document ? [yes/no]", "can you (by
> cutting this document down) create a small document that reproduces this
> issue that you can attach ? [yes/no]" - and have several end points that
> say: "sadly, without enough information we cannot easily fix your bug". We
> also really want to do some pre-triage on bugs "is it a crasher bug ?",
> "does this cause loss of content ?", "does it cause loss of layout ?" etc. -
> so we can tag and search for similar bugs. Getting this right would really
> help accelerate the process of improving LibreOffice, and make QA's life
> much easier. Prolly best to do most of the flow in javascript on the client.

*Skills:* javascript, web

Hello all. I've been working on the EasyHack "Improved bug filing form /
flow" (
and have finished the part that asks questions about the bug being
file-specific. The current work is available at
http://www.dneelyep.webs.com. The next part (adding custom tags to bug
reports) seems a bit advanced and
maybe beyond my current abilities.

The next part (adding custom tags to the bug report) raised some questions.

First, would the questions and tags be best added to the current bug
reporting page (
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=LibreOffice)? This seems
to be a good place - doing so allows the bug reporter to report all
information in one step. If this is the correct place to implement the
questions/info, where/how would it be possible to edit the default LibO bug
reporting page?

To implement tags on bug reports it seems that adding tags (such as "crashes
program" or "causes content loss") would require an admin to create them
before you could add them to bug reports. Then you could have a series of
checkboxes for the various tags (as seen on my mockup), which would add tags
to the bug report if selected.

Do these ideas seem to be the best way to implement the bug flow? That is,
should the questions about the bug report being file-specific and the custom
tags be added to the current bug reporting page?
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