[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Re: Removed some commented code

Danny Roberts dannyroberts.personal at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 18 01:46:28 PST 2011

>Great, thank you a lot, pushed! :-)  I did not push few hunks (the ones
>where there was a commented out of setting the debug mode).  One was
>more serious, it was in the solenv/bin/getcsym.awk - the # was part of
>the regex.

I thought I had rolled back my version of getcsym.awk after realising the #
was part of the regex, obviously I didnt. Thanks for catching that.

>> Also I noticed soltools/testhxx/testhxx.cxx doesn't seem to be used,
>> so it might be OK to remove it.
>It is there to fool the buildsystem, to actually build something.  So
>unless we find out that the whole testhxx thing is unused, we should let
>it there.

Ah good to know thanks muchly.

>Looking forward to more! :-)  Please send your further as output of
>git format-patch HEAD~
>[after you have committed locally], that helps not to forget to
>attribute you accordingly :-)

OK will make sure I do that in future. I'll be working on this as time
allows so hopefully more will be forthcoming.

Danny (kemra)
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