[Libreoffice] DECLARE_LIST() Removal

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Fri Feb 18 20:32:10 PST 2011


I believe we are almost done. The only ones I show as remaining are:

binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeConnections, DdeConnection* )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeTransactions, DdeTransaction* )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeFormats, long )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( StringList, String * )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeServices, DdeService* )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeTopics, DdeTopic* )	windows
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeItems, DdeItem* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeConnections, DdeConnection* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeServices, DdeService* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeTopics, DdeTopic* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeItems, DdeItem* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeTransactions, DdeTransaction* )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( DdeFormats, long )	windows
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( StringList, String * )	windows
svl/source/svdde/ddeimp.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( ConvList, Conversation* );	windows
tools/inc/tools/ref.hxx	DECLARE_LIST(CN##List,EN)\

idl/inc/lex.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( SvTokenList, SvToken * )
idl/inc/object.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( SvSlotElementList, SvSlotElement* )
idl/inc/types.hxx	DECLARE_LIST(SvMetaTypeList,SvMetaType *)
vcl/source/window/toolbox.cxx	DECLARE_LIST( ImplTBList, ToolBox* )	
vcl/unx/inc/saldata.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( SalDisplays, SalDisplay* )	
vcl/unx/inc/saldisp.hxx	DECLARE_LIST( SalFontCache, ExtendedFontStruct* )	
vcl/unx/inc/salfont.h	DECLARE_LIST( SalFontCache, SalFontCacheItem* )	
vcl/unx/inc/salfont.h	DECLARE_LIST( SalFontStructList, SalFontStruct* )	

I really liked your work on sw/source/ui/inc/swuicnttab.hxx and thank you for your help. If you're building on a MS-Windows box it would be nice if you could look at the ones flagged as "windows" above.

I stated deleting all the extra #include <tools/list.hxx> from the source code; it's only needed in locations where the List type is used directly. As for the code using the List data type, I'm thinking we should change them; however, we should check the lead developers and get their opinion first. I'm thinking all C++ programmers should know STL (if they don't, the better start learning it); we can't expect them to know how our in house List type works.

I should be able to finish up the vcl ones this weekend. Just warning you so we don't keep working on the same one again.

The idl ones are more completed then normal, so I skipped them; you can have them if you want (warning types.hxx is using some reference counting code I haven't taken the time to work out).

The tools/inc/tools/ref.hxx is another one that needs a lot of love. It's actually part of a macro which is used all over the place. All the locations where this macro is used will also need to be cleanup so this could be a nice month long project. If you want it, just say so and I'll start looking into one of the other macros.

Joe P.

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