[Libreoffice] building index at Win32 install time ...

Steven Butler sebutler at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 06:23:43 PST 2011

Hi All,

I had a bit of time to work on the install time index generation, so
I've created a patch that implements a custom action for the MSI
installer which I think will do just that once hooked in.

As yet it's untested inside MSI as I'm not sure which files to edit in
the MSI templates to patch it in ( I have never developed anything for
MSI before).

I did test it by pulling it into a command line tool that I observed
to generate all the required index files when pointed at a pseudo-
libreoffice install with a set of dict-xx directories.

I wasn't sure what the best approach was to finding out which
dictionaries need indexing as I'm not sure what can be gained out of
the MSI database.  In the end I looked at a bunch of the other custom
actions and decided to just do a "mini-find" from the LibreOffice
install path for the dictionary extensions and generate all the idx
files for any dat file found.  I thought it may be possible to do a
query on the MSI database and determine all the .dat files.

Assuming this is a reasonable approach, what remains is to hook the
custom action into the MSI installer process and then test it a bit.

Steven Butler
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