[Libreoffice] Reusing the GLib mainloop from GTK/GNOME integration

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Feb 20 10:56:35 PST 2011

* Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at novell.com> schrieb:

> > What exactly do you want that utterly complex and conceptionally
> > backwards think, many other people are working at getting rid of ?
> 	Ho hum; I think we'll be living with D-BUS for a very long time; ORBit2
> was deprecated by D-BUS oh, 6+ years ago, and is still in use by
> accident on my desktop ;-) despite many people's best efforts.

I've got exactly zero packages using orbit on my systems
(several hundred ones by now), and the number of dependencies
on dbus is getting smaller virtually every day.

BUT: we're talking about LO specifically, not the whole set of
all packages in use out there ...
> > If you just want to access certain objects or send commands remotely,
> > you could use 9P - simple, tiny and very effective.
> 	And using file-system semantics for everything is something the FUSE
> mob like; after all, you can do anything by passing strings back and
> forth right ? whether you want to do every single function call via the
> file-system, is another matter. 

Why would you operate on function-call basis anyways ?

That's the major point, why corba failed so miserably for most of
the applications it was propagated - people just though they could
distribute individual objects (at the same granularity as used
within a single-process application), w/o thinking about other
aspects, and somehow magically get a properly working distributed
application. And then some jerks came around and called that
"SOA", without thinking about what really makes up a service
in the first place. No: an function or an object with some 
public methods is _NOT_ an service.

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