[Libreoffice] DECLARE_LIST() Removal Project

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Sun Feb 20 20:40:56 PST 2011

Here's a quick update on the project:

1. The only items left are:

binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeConnections, DdeConnection* )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeTransactions, DdeTransaction* )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeFormats, long )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( StringList, String * )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeServices, DdeService* )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeTopics, DdeTopic* )
binfilter/inc/bf_svtools/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeItems, DdeItem* )

idl/inc/lex.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( SvTokenList, SvToken * )
idl/inc/object.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( SvSlotElementList, SvSlotElement* )
idl/inc/types.hxx:DECLARE_LIST(SvMetaTypeList,SvMetaType *)

svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeConnections, DdeConnection* )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeServices, DdeService* )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeTopics, DdeTopic* )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeItems, DdeItem* )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeTransactions, DdeTransaction* )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( DdeFormats, long )
svl/inc/svl/svdde.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( StringList, String * )
svl/source/svdde/ddeimp.hxx:DECLARE_LIST( ConvList, Conversation* );

tools/inc/tools/list.hxx:// - DECLARE_LIST -
tools/inc/tools/list.hxx:#define DECLARE_LIST( ClassName, Type )                                 \

2. We also have a few locations where the "List" class is used directly with out the DECLARE_LIST() macro.

My work order is:

1. Reduce the number of #include "tools/list.hxx" down to a minimum (it should only be used in areas that use the List class).
2. Convert the binfilter & svl items above to a ::std::vector<> or similar template. These files are only used on MS-Windows which I don't build on, so I'm going to just create the patches and then send them to Fridrich who volunteered to make sure the build ok.
3. Fix the tools/inc/tools/ref.hxx usage of DECLARE_LIST. The issue here is that it's a macro that's used in several locations.

Rafael is working on the following areas:

1. Convert the idl items above.
2. Start converting the code that uses the List class.

Joe P.

PS: Rafeal, I pushed your patch to convert the std::vector to boost::ptr_vector in writer.  Sorry I don't know how to preserve your submitter information (my git foo is bad). I had one section that did not apply cleanly so I had to patch that section manually. Can you double check my work and make sure it's what you wanted? I did a "make check" and also tested the menu item directly and it seems to work.
author	Joseph Powers <jpowers27 at cox.net>	2011-02-21 04:13:57 (GMT)
committer	Joseph Powers <jpowers27 at cox.net>	2011-02-21 04:13:57 (GMT)
commit	5d8a59f64d9d3931e2c9c1ba98f57cd10e0b01c1 (patch)

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