[Libreoffice] Removed ASSERT_ID and errhdl.[ch]xx

Thomas Arnhold thomas at arnhold.org
Mon Feb 21 09:20:59 PST 2011


I've recently replaced all ASSERT_ID() macros with OSL_ASSERT().
Therefore errhdl.[hc]xx became obsolete. So I removed these files.

There was a line in errhdl.hxx:

SW_DLLPUBLIC void AssertFail( USHORT, const sal_Char* );

With this removed I changed the API, right?

There is one file left in sw/source/core/except/ - dbgloop.cxx. It's
header dbgloop.hxx defines the DBG_LOOP macro. Is this still used by
anyone for debugging purpose? If not I'm glad to remove this one, as we
get rid of this local debug stuff with it ;)


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