[Libreoffice] Patch handling guideline

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Tue Feb 22 10:59:52 PST 2011

if you do not mind, I wanted to propose the following points:

patch submission:
creating patches with
>> git format-patch
sending them directly with
git send-email

I suggest the following options:
--thread and
if there are several patches, which results in:
[PATCH 0/2] Here is what I did...
 > [PATCH 1/2] Clean up and tests
 > [PATCH 2/2] Implementation
(all following mails as reply to the first one)

for applying, I would propose:
git am
which takes over user / date / commit message from the send message.
Should we generally use the
option in order to let a trace of who has pushed this?


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