[Libreoffice] binfilter, filter & co: some questions

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Tue Feb 22 11:25:08 PST 2011

still working on this %&@#filter removing and I am crossing within
binfilter/bf_sc a lot of "if" statement, testing if the current handled
format is StarOffice, Excel95, Execl97 etc...

A lot of theses "if" are typically like:
    else if (aFltName.EqualsAscii(pFilterLotus))
         DBG_BF_ASSERT(0, "STRIP");

binfilter should only contain filter for StarOffice format, isn't it?
All these Excel, HTML and other checks are rest of the time this filter
was the main one and could be also cleaned?

A bit more generally, (for my overall understanding)
what is the goal / mean of the filter repository ? What is the logic
behind the
> filters/filter/source/msfilter (or others)
in comparison to directories (e.g)
> calc/sc/source/filter/
> sw/source/filter/

I spend a bit time before realising that the filters could be there:-)

For a global logic, shouldn't filters belong to the filter repository?
Or is the decision taken to split the filter to each
application/repository (calc, writer,..)

Advantage of being within filter would most probably be an easier way to
deprecate filter and will most probably promote a good separation
between the filter and the application. T

thanks for lightening my mind.

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