[Libreoffice] Voreppe Win32 Tinderbox

Fridrich Strba fridrich.strba at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 25 23:28:11 PST 2011

As you can see here <http://tinderbox.go-oo.org/MASTER/status.html>, we 
have now a working Windows tinderbox. It finished tonight its first 
successful build of master branch and will send you nagging e-mails for 
any breakages from now on. It is our hope that this tinderbox will help 
us to keep LibreOffice buildable on Windows much easier. So, please take 
the Voreppe Win32 Tinderbox' messages seriously :)

This tinderbox is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 with 
Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and Windows SDK 7.1. The server was 
graciously given at the disposition of the LibreOffice community by the 
French town of Voreppe <http://www.voreppe.fr/> through the association 
La Mouette <http://www.lamouette.org/>. I want to personally thank 
Laurent Godard <http://www.voreppe.fr/_Laurent-Godard_.html>, a 
long-time community member and contributor who was more then 
instrumental in this transaction.

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