[Libreoffice] suggestions/instructions needed

Zongbo Zhang zzh at bimco.org
Mon Feb 28 02:06:13 PST 2011


Finally, finished the first time full build of LO on windows with the help from some really kind guys here, thank you all, Cheers!
I, as a kind one also, am a chinese with few years of java and C/C++ experience.
Have just convinced my boss to use LO, take over MSOffice and OOo.

Honestly speaking, LO is better than OOo in term of stability and compatibility, at least most of my colleagues say so. This strongly increased my confidence about convincing the boss to make some donation to TDF someday.
Right now, I am working on a documentary project, the track change feature of word/Writer processor acts an important role in the project, in short, need to invoke the LO from a java application and get access to the track change funtion.
Two things, one is that I need to write something like a 'macro' to automatically shape the 'track change' feature when the LO Writer is called, furthermore, maybe also need to improve the current 'track change' function a little bit.

I am new to this LO development, am reading the developer guide (OOo guide), have not yet been completely aware of where and how to start the work in the case mentioned above.
By guess, the first one shold have some to do with UNO, and the second 'Hack' thing should involve the direct source codes revision? the latter must be awesome! :)
Anyhow, suggestiongs/ instructions on both is definitely appreciated, hope I can get equipped very soon.

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

zongbo zhang

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