[Libreoffice] Instant Messenger for Libre Office (serverless and open source)

Randolph Dohm rdohm321 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 28 05:22:14 PST 2011

Dear Florian, Olivier, Charles, Italo,
and all

I want to suggest that libreoffice gets an open source and serverless
(maintainance free) Instant Messenger - or even more than that, a
secure communication platform,
which allows users in the office to communicate secure. This is done
over 0.5.1.a Release of


an I want to suggest to make it the libre office Instant Messenger.

Can we test this? you need to generate a gnupg key and swap it with
the chat friend.
It is working all serverless, over a DHT.

Please send me your Key and we can chat there about the options of a
bundle or integration or gui style branding/adjustment.

Thanks for a feedback and evaluation
Kind Regards

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