[Libreoffice] [UX] Formula cursor proposals

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Wed Jan 5 01:16:26 PST 2011

On 04/01/11 23:43, Christoph Noack wrote:
> The main issue is, that we do have two different input methods (one
> being WYSIWYG, the other one being the formula syntax) that have to be
> synced somehow. The content itself isn't the main problem, but things
> like cursor position and selection. We can only have one, because this
> corresponds with the current focus that is visualized for the user.
> So here is some initial idea that might serve as some input to solve
> that issue. It already implies some step-by-step approach to achieve
> reasonable maturity:

Diving in as usual (and possibly missing the point.. :-) Have you played
with WordPerfect which - iiuc - has EXACTLY this issue syncing the
wysiwyg and reveal-codes windows.

A mouse click in the wysiwyg window places the cursor at that point and
makes that the active window. A mouse click in the rc window places the
mouse cursor at that point and makes that the active window. Bear in
mind the rc window has extra "characters", ie the formatting codes. If
the rc window is active the cursor keys move in that window, updating
the wysiwyg window if appropriate. If wysiwyg is active, the cursor keys
move in that window, jumping multiple "characters" in rc if appropriate.

This obviously all depends on the two windows being able to update each
other in sync (I gather that would be a nightmare in Writer :-(, but if
it's possible, then imho that would be the perfect way to do it - the
mouse swaps focus between windows - the active window eats and processes
the keyboard - and the inactive window is updated in real time by the
active one.


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