[Libreoffice] [PATCH] De-Java-ise flat XML export

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Wed Jan 5 07:32:18 PST 2011

Hi Peter,

Jan Holesovsky píše v Út 04. 01. 2011 v 11:13 +0100:

> > I'm attaching a patch I somehow managed to patiently pull out of git :-)
> > 
> > As I'm new to C++, libxslt, git and a few other things involved in
> > creating the patch I feel it must be full of warts and cause random
> > crashes, but it seems to work and might be useful anyway.
> Thanks a lot - looks great on the first sight :-)  Let me look a bit
> better (unless somebody else volunteers to do a deeper review?) now.
> Before pushing it to the master branch, I'd like to ask you for 2
> things:
> License: Please, do you agree to license under the MPL / LGPL / GPL
> combo, as recommended in
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/build/tree/COPYING.NEWFILES
> Purpose documentation: Can you please add a brief description of the new
> classes in the header?  Just something like:

I looked mainly at the parts that are about defaulting to your
implementation, or the Java xslt filter, and it looks good to me, so I'd
push it as soon as you let us know regarding the license :-)

One more nitpick that I spotted is that you use { and } differently to
the rest of the code base (we use opening { on a new line, and skip
{ and } if an if/for/while has only one command), would be great if you
can change it too; but of course that is not a blocker for pushing your
changes ;-)

Also, is there a special reason for ListenerList l = m_listeners; on few
occasions?  Didn't you want to use a reference?

Thank you a lot,

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