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Wed Jan 5 10:12:10 PST 2011

hadling=0A=0AI guess that nobody uses more alternative branding pictures. =
It was implemented=0Afor SLED10-GM and it is not longer needed there. So I =
renamed:=0A=0A    --with-intro-bitmaps to --with-intro-bitmap=0A    =
--with-about-bitmaps to --with-about-bitmap=0Aand=0A    INTRO_BITMAPS to =
format is requred instead of .bmp now.=0A---=0A |   68 =
+++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------=0A =
|    4 +-=0A 2 files changed, 30 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)=0A=0Adiff =
--git a/ b/ 266f7e3..d703dde 100644=0A--- =
a/ b/ -1091,20 +1091,18 @@ AC_ARG_WITH(d=
ict,=0A                           Usage: --with-dict=3DENGB,ENUS,ITIT=0A =
],,)=0A =0A-AC_ARG_WITH(intro-bitmaps,=0A-[  --with-intro-bitmaps    =
Prefer the specified intro bitmaps over the=0A-                          =
the default one.  Can be more than one (separated by=0A-                   =
       commas), the order means priority of fallback if the=0A-            =
              first does not exist (in the installed tree).=0A+AC_ARG_WITH(=
intro-bitmap,=0A+[  --with-intro-bitmap    Prefer the specified intro =
bitmap over the=0A+                          the default one.=0A =0A-      =
                    Usage: --with-intro-bitmaps=3D/path/my_ooo_intro.bmp=0A=
+                          Usage: --with-intro-bitmap=3D/path/my_ooo_intro.=
png=0A ],,)=0A =0A-AC_ARG_WITH(about-bitmaps,=0A-[  --with-about-bitmaps   =
 Similarly to --with-intro-bitmaps, this allows=0A-                        =
  specification of bitmaps for the About box.=0A+AC_ARG_WITH(about-bitmap,=
=0A+[  --with-about-bitmap    Similarly to --with-intro-bitmap, this =
allows=0A+                          specification of bitmap for the About =
box.=0A =0A-                          Usage: --with-about-bitmaps=3D/path/m=
y_ooo_about.bmp=0A+                          Usage: --with-about-bitmap=3D/=
path/my_ooo_about.png=0A ],,)=0A =0A AC_ARG_WITH(vendor,=0A@@ -7775,43 =
+7773,33 @@ else=0A fi=0A AC_SUBST(WITH_DICT)=0A =0A-AC_MSG_CHECKING([for =
additional 'intro' bitmaps])=0A-INTRO_BITMAPS=3D=0A-if test -z "$with_intro=
_bitmaps" -o "$with_intro_bitmaps" =3D "no" ; then=0A-   INTRO_BITMAPS=3D=
=0A+AC_MSG_CHECKING([for another 'intro' bitmap])=0A+INTRO_BITMAP=3D=0A+if =
test -z "$with_intro_bitmap" -o "$with_intro_bitmap" =3D "no" ; then=0A+   =
INTRO_BITMAP=3D=0A    AC_MSG_RESULT([none])=0A else=0A-   for bitmap in =
`echo $with_intro_bitmaps | tr ',' ' '` ; do=0A-      case "$bitmap" =
in=0A-         *.bmp) ;;=0A-         *)     bitmap=3D ; AC_MSG_WARN([Intro =
bitmaps should be .bmp files!]) ;;=0A-      esac=0A-      if test -n =
"$bitmap" ; then=0A-         INTRO_BITMAPS=3D"$INTRO_BITMAPS $bitmap"=0A-  =
    fi=0A-   done=0A-   AC_MSG_RESULT([$INTRO_BITMAPS])=0A+   case =
"$with_intro_bitmap" in=0A+      *.png) INTRO_BITMAP=3D"$with_intro_bitmap"=
 ;;=0A+      *)     AC_MSG_WARN([Intro bitmap should be a .png file!]) =
;;=0A+   esac=0A+   AC_MSG_RESULT([$INTRO_BITMAP])=0A fi=0A-AC_SUBST(INTRO_=
'about' bitmaps])=0A-ABOUT_BITMAPS=3D=0A-if test -z "$with_about_bitmaps" =
-o "$with_about_bitmaps" =3D "no" ; then=0A-   ABOUT_BITMAPS=3D=0A+AC_MSG_C=
HECKING([for another 'about' bitmap])=0A+ABOUT_BITMAP=3D=0A+if test -z =
"$with_about_bitmap" -o "$with_about_bitmap" =3D "no" ; then=0A+   =
ABOUT_BITMAP=3D=0A    AC_MSG_RESULT([none])=0A else=0A-   for bitmap in =
`echo $with_about_bitmaps | tr ',' ' '` ; do=0A-      case "$bitmap" =
in=0A-         *.bmp) ;;=0A-         *)     bitmap=3D ; AC_MSG_WARN([About =
bitmaps should be .bmp files!]) ;;=0A-      esac=0A-      if test -n =
"$bitmap" ; then=0A-         ABOUT_BITMAPS=3D"$ABOUT_BITMAPS $bitmap"=0A-  =
    fi=0A-   done=0A-   AC_MSG_RESULT([$ABOUT_BITMAPS])=0A+   case =
"$with_about_bitmap" in=0A+      *.png) ABOUT_BITMAP=3D"$with_about_bitmap"=
 ;;=0A+      *)     AC_MSG_WARN([About bitmap should be a .png file!]) =
;;=0A+   esac=0A+   AC_MSG_RESULT([$ABOUT_BITMAP])=0A fi=0A-AC_SUBST(ABOUT_=
[for vendor])=0Adiff --git a/ b/ 6e51c4f..1=
c1e97b 100644=0A--- a/ b/ -1630,8 =
+1630,8 @@ else=0A }=0A # Languages=0A ToFile( "WITH_LANG",         =
"@WITH_LANG@",      "e" );=0A-ToFile( "INTRO_BITMAPS",     "@INTRO_BITMAPS@=
",  "e" );=0A-ToFile( "ABOUT_BITMAPS",     "@ABOUT_BITMAPS@",  "e" =
);=0A+ToFile( "INTRO_BITMAP",      "@INTRO_BITMAP@",   "e" );=0A+ToFile( =
"ABOUT_BITMAP",      "@ABOUT_BITMAP@",   "e" );=0A ToFile( "OOO_VENDOR",   =
     "@OOO_VENDOR@",     "e" );=0A ToFile( "OOODMAKEMODE",      "YES",     =
_LOCALIZATIONS@", "e" );=0A-- =0A1.7.3.4=0A=0A
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