[Libreoffice] De-Java-ise flat XML export

Gioele Barabucci gioele at svario.it
Thu Jan 6 04:17:10 PST 2011

Peter Jentsch 29/12/2010 14:29:
> flat xml filter as a special filter which doesn't depend on xslt at all
> (like in the odk example). The current stylesheets basically do an
> identity transformation and then some "split-long-lines". I don't quite
> understand the purpose of that stylesheet. What does it do?

First, thank you for implementing this bridge to libxml2/libxslt. It is 
a big step forward having flat ODT supported out of the box.

The identity transformation is used to apply the `split-long-lines` 
template all over the document elements' without losing any element. 
That template finds long runs of text in paragraphs and split them in 
console- and vcs-friendly lines.


Gioele Barabucci <gioele at svario.it>

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