[Libreoffice] some notes on a custom cygwin mirror for dev tools

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Fri Jan 7 02:34:52 PST 2011

I was playing around with making initial setup of dev tools on windows
easier, specifially the cygwin setup.

So some notes: setup.exe installs "Base" packages by default and
documents setting up a "Custom Cygwin package server", so the first
thought was to set up a cygwin package server and stick the cygwin dev
tools we need on windows into it and tweak the packages we need to be
"Base" so we could just say "stick cygwin.libreoffice.org as the mirror
and just click ok".

Snag turns out to be that setup.exe is hardcoded to want setup.bz2.sig
signed with a particular gpg key :-( so if you want to make a custom
server you need to rebuild a custom setup.exe unless you force people to
use particular command line options to ignore them, which is no real
improvement over just cutting and pasting the existing line into your


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