[Libreoffice] [PATCH] some changes for better performance, writer.

Kayo Hamid kayo.hamid at gekkolinux.com.br
Sat Jan 8 15:04:20 PST 2011

On 08/01/2011 17:00, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> I' confused:
> -    sal_Int32 nCount = xAcc->getAccessibleChildCount();
> -
> -    for( sal_Int32 i=0; i<  nCount; i++ )
> +    const sal_Int32 nCount = xAcc->getAccessibleChildCount();
> +    sal_Int32 i = 0;
> +	
> +    while(i<  nCount)
>       {
> -        if( xAcc->getAccessibleChild( i ) == xThis )
> -            return i;
> +	    if( xAcc->getAccessibleChild( i ) == xThis )
> +		    return i;
> +	    i++;
>       }
> +
> Unless I'm really dense: this simply change a for() loop into a
> while() loop doing exactly the same thing
> Why is it supposed to improve performance ?
> as for the rest:
> Did you really measure that turning a passed-by-value scalar (which
> caller's value cannot be modified by the callee, by definition) into a
> const passed by value
>   scalar, has _actually_ any performance impact ?
> Norbert
Hello Norbert, first of all i'm new at coding, I really do not know if 
we have any improve, but after looking a lot for c++ performance tips 
(and I continue looking and reading tips for that) I have in my mind 
some things like:

for/while -> it's better to use while, it's not a huge improve, but you 
can find tips that say 'use while, it's better'. I just do it.

const -> my goal is to change the local variable to const is to put it 
in read-only, wich is better, but in that case that we receive 
pass-by-value, is my fault.  The problem is that i do not known that 
this method returns reference.

It's because all this that I ask for one review, I want to learn with 
everyone here. I'm in the right way? My goal is to code things that are 
better, even with minimal improves.


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