[Libreoffice] [PATCH] [REWORKED][PUSHED] Standard-color-palette-updates

Bernhard Dippold bernhard at familie-dippold.at
Tue Jan 11 02:56:02 PST 2011

Hi Petr, all,

Petr Mladek schrieb:
> Bernhard Dippold píše v Út 11. 01. 2011 v 00:37 +0100:
>> Hi Petr, Kami, all,
>> Petr Mladek schrieb:
>>> Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai píše v So 08. 01. 2011 v 15:28 +0100:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> Updated patch,
>>>> Remove LibreOffice colors from standard, and updates libreoffice.soc
>>>> with latest colors. I hope it is fine for us.
>>> looked fine =>   pushed
>>> Note that the palette name does not include year. Is it OK?
>> I think Christoph called the palette
>> "LibreOffice_Initial_Branding_Colors.soc", because they will change
>> during the next year.
>> His next palette would probably be called
>> "LibreOffice_Community_Branding_Colors.soc".
>> My approach was only a bit different: I added the year in order to allow
>> further changes to the branding colors without the necessity to call the
>> next branding effort by a different name.
> Hmm, I see libreoffice.soc in the installed system.
>> If you think the file name is too long, we can omit "Initial" (because
>> the year is unique - we should not come up with more than one iteration
>> on the branding colors during one year).
>> "Colors" is superfluous too for a color palette, so my favorite name
>> would be
>> LibreOffice_Branding_2010.soc
>> This would allow to create new Branding palettes every now and then
>> without the problem of visually different documents in different
>> versions of LibreOffice (when a color of the palette has been updated
>> in-between).
> Well, this should not be a problem. The colors are saved using RGB
> values and not the color name. I have just used "LibreOffice Green 3" in
> an .odg document, removed libreoffice.soc from the system and user
> configuration, opened the file again, the color stayed the same, it was
> just not named.

Thanks for trying out!

There might some seldom UX cases, where user don't get the results they 
look for (like modified colors when working on a document created with 
an older version of LibO - especially if the changes are only visible in 
comparison to the old color).

But this is not related to the name of the color palette, so I think we 
can leave this patch as it is now, as the name of the palette is not 
really important in most cases.

If someone stumbles upon a problem, a bug report will probably easy to 
be handled...

Best regards

> Best Regards,
> Petr

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