[Libreoffice] Change executable/sh names

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Sat Jan 15 03:43:15 PST 2011

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Michael Meeks
<michael.meeks at novell.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 02:37 -0800, plino wrote:
>> Every time I update LibO or OOo (and like me most users who are experimenting
>> with LibO but want to keep up with the currently more stable OOo) the file
>> associations get messed up for the reasons explained by Jesús.
>> Have the devs reached any decision on this?
>        Didn't Jesus have a patch ? if so, we can merge it of course; it won't
> get into 3.3.0, but 3.3.1 might be a good target, failing that 3.4 I
> suppose.

I have made a full build with my patch, so anyone can test it. You can
download it here:


This build is from the current master unstable branch, not the stable
3.3, but it doesn't matter as the only thing that has to be tested is
the installation and the file associations.

With those changes the user will be prompted to reboot the system in
many circumstances when OOo is also installed in the system (the same
will happen to OOo users who want both programs installed at the same
time) as there are now two different programs updating the same
registry values. Before people start complaining, this is the way
Windows works and I can't do nothing about it.

The sooner this build is properly tested, the faster the code will be
merged in the appropiate branches.


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