[Libreoffice] [PUSHED, partial] Re: [PATCH] some cppcheck cleaning in ucb

Jesse Adelman someone at boldandbusted.com
Mon Jan 17 10:00:20 PST 2011

On 01/17/11 04:16, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 12:07 +0100, Julien Nabet wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Here is a patch for some cppcheck cleaning in ucb
>> Compiling was ok
> Pushed the first part.
> For the second one, that one in gio is a false positive, it's only
> compiled with you do --enable-gio, which is probably why it compiled
> clearly for you.
> cppcheck I guess doesn't see the line where MountOperation::Completed is
> passed as a callback to some other code as a "use" of the method.
>> I let this one :
>> [./source/ucp/tdoc/tdoc_content.hxx:69]: (warning) Member variable 
>> 'ContentProperties::m_eType' is not initialised in the constructor.
>> because i don't know what to put by default (how to know that in this 
>> case ?).
> I'd typically have a look at the enum, and see if there's a "UNKNOWN" or
> "DEFAULT" value for the enum, and if not, then grab the first enum name,
> e.g. in this case the first one is "STREAM", so I'd just use that.
> C.
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If indeed there is a false positive from cppcheck, will one of you
please report it to cppcheck's devs, so that next cppcheck release
http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/ it gets removed? Thanks! :)

Jesse Adelman
ilikelinux Consulting

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