[Libreoffice] error compiling in libs-gui/canevas

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 17 11:23:56 PST 2011

there is an error compiling canevas:

the reason: in vcl/inc/vcl/sysdata.hxx
there has been a change at line 125:

-    void* pRenderFormat;  // render format for drawable
+    void* pXRenderFormat;  // render format for drawable

This produce the error (see below) in canevas compilation.
Since I have no idea about this part and do not know why this change has
been made, I do not risk to fix this of my own... 	

Could someone who understands better than me this part fix it? or give
me a go to just change in
libs-gui/canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx (and if needed other
canevas part) the pRenderFormat to pXRenderFormat ... without much
understanding :- )


Compiling: canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx
.../libs-gui/canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx: In constructor
'cairo::X11SysData::X11SysData(const SystemGraphicsData&)':

.../libs-gui/canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx:79:31: error:
'const struct SystemGraphicsData' has no member named 'pRenderFormat'

.../libs-gui/canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx: In member
function 'virtual boost::shared_ptr<VirtualDevice>
cairo::X11Surface::createVirtualDevice() const':

..../libs-gui/canvas/source/cairo/cairo_xlib_cairo.cxx:266:29: error:
'struct SystemGraphicsData' has no member named 'pRenderFormat'

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