[Libreoffice] [PATCH] possible null-dereferencing found by cppcheck

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Tue Jan 18 02:26:14 PST 2011

> Caolán has fixed the code around in a way to ensure pPV always initialized.

Ah OK. I see that now when I pulled a fresher version.

But unless I am mistaken, now then pArgs might in theory be de-references while NULL?

Consider this code path:

    const SfxItemSet* pArgs = rReq.GetArgs();

    SFX_REQUEST_ARG (rReq, pHelpLineIndex, SfxUInt32Item, ID_VAL_INDEX, FALSE);
    // Assume pHelpLineIndex gets set to non-NULL
   if (pHelpLineIndex != NULL)
        // so pArgs gets set to NULL
        pArgs = NULL;
    if ( !pArgs )
        // Thus this block is entered

        SdAbstractDialogFactory* pFact = SdAbstractDialogFactory::Create();
        // Assume pFact gets set to NULL. Clearly that is possible as the code right after bothers to check for it?
       AbstractSdSnapLineDlg* pDlg = pFact ? pFact->CreateSdSnapLineDlg( NULL, aNewAttr, mpView ) : 0;
        // and thus pDlg is NULL
        if( pDlg )
            // so this block is not entered, which is the only place where pArgs gets 
            // set to non-NULL.
    // Thus pArgs can be NULL here
    aHlpPos.X() = ((const SfxUInt32Item&) pArgs->Get(ATTR_SNAPLINE_X)).GetValue();
    aHlpPos.Y() = ((const SfxUInt32Item&) pArgs->Get(ATTR_SNAPLINE_Y)).GetValue();

Or am I missing something... 


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