[Libreoffice] ICU bloat ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Jan 18 06:31:33 PST 2011

Hi Samphan,

On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 10:07 +0700, Samphan Raruenrom wrote:
> You can easily minimize the ICU footprint by tweaking the ICU build
> options. See http://userguide.icu-project.org/packaging

	Wonderful :-) so we could halve the size of that and save several
megabytes of download easily.

	I added your link to the wiki task; any chance you could help out with
that one ? The only slightly tricky piece is the way the patching of the
pristine ICU works in there, but ...

	Help much appreciated,

On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 07:28 -0600, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> I think that cannibalizing existing and actively maintained libraries
> will on the long term come back and bite you.
> The mozilla ugliness is a good example of that.

	Ah - true; I'm not advocating some cut/paste stupidity of pieces of it
all around the place; but just (cleanly) not compiling the bits we do
not need.



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