[Libreoffice] RC4 / Windows size analysis ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Jan 21 08:26:54 PST 2011

Hi guys,

	So - I re-ran the analysis on RC4 which is here:

	http://users.freedesktop.org/~michael/sizes3.ods (2.2Mb)

	Apart from a minor cockup (leaving tons of themes in there - when we
only really want tango + hicontrast) - the next major source of bloat is
code, and the umpteen duplicated Wizard / templates.

	Hopefully we'll fix this in 3.3.1 - bringing us down to ~200Mb.

	Hopefully the binfilter write redux will yield some nice code size
shrinkage in due course, and we can nail the Wizard duplication in
master, which (if we can get it done) should bring us down to a ~160Mb
install for 3.4

	Of course, help dunging out the sillies that still lurk in there - eg.
'soffice.exe' and 'soffice.bin', bundled testtool, and so on much

	Work on shrinking the bloat is much appreciated [!] and best focused on
the wizards / templates.



 michael.meeks at novell.com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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