[Libreoffice] Crash in master: Sum button in sc

Soeren Moeller soerenmoeller2001 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 14:13:24 PST 2011


I just noticed a bug in master (pull about 1h ago):
When I in calc press the sum button (shaped like a sigma), then calc
crashes instantly and without any message. This seems to happen only
when calc doesn't guess a sum area by itself. (E.g. if there are
numbers in the cells above the marked cell, calc suggest those cells
as a sum area, and it works fine, but if there are no cells with
numbers nearby it crashes). Using the sum function through the
Function Wizard works fine, though.

I'm just getting used to the codebase, so it would be nice if someone
who is more into it would take a look, and check if the error can be
reproduced by others. I can reproduce it even after a "make clean; ./g
pull; make; make dev-install".

I'm using LibO under Ubuntu 10.04, compiling with standard parameters
(apart from num-cpu and max-jobs).

Best regards
Sören Möller

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